If you are Vito try attacking from inside the The second world war, Joe first started helping the fresh new Clemente Offense Family unit members

If you are Vito try attacking from inside the The second world war, Joe first started helping the fresh new Clemente Offense Family unit members

Joe Barbaro is the secondary protagonist out-of Mafia II, the latest protagonist of Mafia II DLC Joe’s Escapades, and you can Vito Scaletta’s closest friend. Whenever Vito returned, Joe encourages your to join in into his lifetime of offense.


Joe Barbaro was a Hvordan fungerer bridge of love job criminal and you will lifelong buddy regarding Vito Scaletta. Brash and you may unstable, Joe is also relatively generate problems from absolutely nothing. Since the a baby, Joe is the neighborhood bully. He found Vito when the young boy offered to endeavor him to have an invest his gang. Over the 2nd 10 years, each of them produced good team, rational Vito staying insane Joe in check as they enjoyed an effective life of petty crime. Now, Joe lifetime high – strong booze, fast cars, and you can reduce women. Moving up the fresh unlawful ladder is the best method for him to pass through their habits.

Serving Clemente

Joe welcomes Vito on their get back of combat although the fresh new several catch up within Freddy’s Club, Joe discovers that he is only for the log off having a month. Refusing his buddy to go away once again, the guy organizes forged release data using their criminal contacts to make certain Vito can stay static in Empire Bay. The very next day the guy will get Vito settled with a motor vehicle and you will a small money in their wallet. Then he introduces him in order to Henry Tomasino, a paid guy regarding the Clemente crime household members, which also provides Vito a position robbing gas ration stamps from the Work environment from Speed Management.

Shortly after Vito’s profits, Joe provides him in toward a position robbing a jewellery shop owned by a man who owes Alberto Clemente money. The brand new theft goes considering package up until the O’Neill Group are to deprive a comparable shop. After a quick shootout into the gang after which police, the two manage to pull off the new treasures. About a week later on, Joe is at an interviewing Henry and you will Luca Gurino when Vito appear. It mention potential to own signing up for the new Clemente loved ones following remain off having Henry in order to bundle the second work, an ambush-design strike to kill Sidney Pencil with his guys away from his distillery in Sand Island. When the plan fails, the fresh new threesome need certainly to chase him in to the, fundamentally cornering him into top floor. Immediately following Pencil gets of a happy take to, injuring Henry, Joe and Vito firearm your off. Joe carries Henry from the now burning distillery and you may looks to your when you find yourself Vito drives them to a great mob doc to have treatment.

Signing up for the brand new Falcone Family

After Vito’s arrest, Joe is distributed to get the experience which squealed and you will encourage your to not ever attest. The guy tunes your to the stop and convinces him maybe not to return so you’re able to Kingdom Bay, however in the method learns out of a great deal larger rodent, Richie Mazzeo, exactly who intends to testify resistant to the whole Clemente providers. Joe will then be purchased discover Mazzeo and you can close him right up for good.

After understanding the spot where the police try remaining Mazzeo, Joe kills your, allegedly by shoving him and his vehicles on the colder Culver reservoir, and you may thinks Vito have been around in the new clear. Although not, the their services seem to be to own little given that their top pal is actually sentenced to 10 years in the jail 3 months later on at their demo. An upset Joe rushes so you’re able to Freddy’s pub in which the guy runs their mouth area out-of in the Luca Gurino, asking just what hell happened, which angers Luca greatly. Throughout the aftermath, Joe gets a call of Henry, exactly who warns him that Luca enjoys place a binding agreement from him. Joe after that actually leaves Kingdom Bay and covers off south for five years.

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