Within their alliance system, avuncular marriage (matrimony of one’s daughter into the mom’s aunt) provides another type of set

Within their alliance system, avuncular marriage (matrimony of one’s daughter into the mom’s aunt) provides another type of set

Towards Cinta Larga, fertility is not an innate top-notch women, but is because of the action of the divinity Gora, whom comes into girls’ vaginas, while they are nonetheless regarding moving phase. Given this, mom, is obliged, at present when the child is able to learn, to tell him/their own that the other “fathers” in check have the ability to dump all of them correctly, piipa.


Girls are acclimatized to marrying, for the first time, between eight and 10 years of age, while the girl’s husband’s mother – according to the preferential relationship possibilities, the fresh new partner’s mothers and maternal grand-parents, on female’s perspective, correspond – takes charges out-of her knowledge, a job yourself connected to the husband. This occurs because of avuncular marriage, between a good maternal bro with his niece, because within style of marital connection, with the mate, parents-in-law and maternal grandparents are identical individuals.

Going to live in new partner’s class (patrilocality), she’s going to continue for years immediately after, to relax and play with the most other college students, and can only beginning to guess residential responsibilities (preparing, meeting, weaving etcetera.) immediately after their own earliest menstruation. At the menarche (their unique very first menstruation), that is ritually marked from the a period of privacy, there will probably also be sexual relations anywhere between spouses. It is fascinating to see one to, given that a sign of passing to some other stage, wife and husband constantly decorate their health with genipapo: zig-zags, outlines and you will circumstances, to your face, a frequent development, designed by a broad lateral range and circumstances.

On occasion, particular girls move from you to partner to a different, and in certain cases they go back to their mothers, prior to he’s consolidated an even more steady wedding – which happens towards the beginning of your own basic youngster. Including, good Kakin lady of Aripuana city was first provided to a Kaban mom’s cousin (maternal brother); he subsequently gave their particular to help you their earliest young man, but, afterwards, she married an one half-cousin of this people, with who she got youngsters and also stayed having your.

Paternity, while doing so, are attributed to all those men just who “assisted to really make the child”, that is, who had sexual relationships towards the woman during the their own pregnancy

At exactly the same time, marriages out of young men that have elderly feminine, widows or spouses out of polygamous kin are common – whether or not since their sisters have zero marriageable girls, and for other factors, the latest relationship of younger dudes that have more youthful girls is actually rare. Novice with nothing reputation, once they remember trying to find partners various other villages otherwise faraway section, the young guys usually ask for assistance from the eldest kin: this intermediary goes toward consult with the father, aunt otherwise partner of betrothed girl, and you may chants a good “ceremonial speech” on behalf of the students man. An indirect way, with the same results, is relationships with a minumum of one of the father’s spouses (with the exception of an individual’s own mommy), and therefore, both, happen from the displeasing identification regarding a de- facto state, that is, the sexual engagement of child with this woman.

The latest Cinta Larga establish the brand new laws in an exceedingly obvious way: “an effective relationships”, people say, is through the brand new sister’s child. “To your child out of my sister We wed”, ‘s the tutorial of one’s myth told through Pichuvy (Cinta Larga informant off Joao Dal Poz) webbplatser, where in fact the brothers had been pretty sure by sister’s partner to wait for beginning of its niece, in order to wed and you will accept their particular.

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