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See the scope and cost of one of the Uber-like projects we designed. No more phone calls or bumming a ride – apps like Uber require nothing but these quick steps. What’s surprising though is that Uber still hasn’t covered every country on the globe. For instance, it’s not represented in Brunei, Malta, Iceland, Cyprus and Luxembourg for different reasons.

Moreover, by combining this feature with other features mentioned on this list, you’ll create your app’s broader functionality. Here, communication is probably the most critical aspect of the app. To be more precise, communication is the foundation of this particular app.

Mobility application safety: how to implement a driver background check feature?

With his technical acumen and engineering expertise, he continues to overcome tough business challenges by building and scaling creative solutions. Uber app is an amalgamation of 3 different interfaces/apps – the Driver app, the Rider app, and the Admin panel, which manages and monitors the app’s functioning. Submit the detailed questionnaire filled with your project brief to let us know what kind of app you want.

how to develop an app like uber

The original app, Uber, offers registration via Facebook and Google or email – with the phone number not going anywhere. New players must always guard against feature creep, which is highly probable midway through custom app development. Ride-scheduling is an advanced feature made popular by Uber a few years back.

What About The Advanced Features of Uber-like Apps?

The average cost to make an app like Uber would range from $40000 to $ on development alone. Contact JumpGrowth to cut your engineering hours and avail a pocket-friendly solution tailored to your needs. But if you wish to reach more audiences, try building a cross-platform application that works on Android as well as iOS. Added to this, your service must have a landing page acting as the entry point for drivers as well as interested passengers where they would sign up. But here’s a catch- the app immediately looks for the available cars closest to the passenger’s location.

During the journey, riders can add multiple stops along the way, which is another distinctive feature provided by the app. To sum everything up, here is an approximate estimate in hours for basic features you might want to implement when creating an app like Uber. Another vital technical element to consider is Push Notification & Messaging within the app. The communication within apps like Uber goes all the way from the request being sent by the passenger, its acceptance by a driver, ride cancellation, etc. Some of Uber-like driver’s app features may duplicate those of the passenger’s version – log in, notifications, messaging, reviews, and support.

How does the Uber App Work?

Drivers may log in or register for the app using their phone numbers, Gmail, or other social media accounts, which is a simple operation. You must make a payment when you get there, either with cash or a credit card. A user must first enter their position (or have their location determined automatically by GPS) and a destination, either by entering it in or pinning it to the map.

For this year, the initial data shows that the numbers will again register a rise by the end of Q4 2022. Uber and Lyft are two prominent ridesharing companies that have revolutionized the transportation industry. Have a look at the table below for the comparison of App like Uber vs Lyft.

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However, building a robust and feature-rich app like Uber typically takes several months to a year or more, depending on the complexity and resources allocated to the project. Uber understood that a user-friendly interface was key to its success. The cost of designing an intuitive and visually appealing app was a substantial part of the overall development cost.

  • By introducing a user-friendly mobile app that connected riders with drivers, Uber revolutionized the way people accessed transportation services.
  • If the Uber like App Development has piqued your interest, you understand how an app like Uber works.
  • Building an app like Uber requires you to keep an eye on the ridesharing app market every day.
  • The price for Uber taxi service app includes a base fare based on the location.
  • If you have more queries on how to make an app like Uber, write to us, and our expert mobile team will answer all your questions and provide you with a custom project estimate.
  • As per recent stats, Uber has nearly 95 million active monthly users.
  • An app for drivers where they can get multiple ride requests and accept them if they can make the trip.

In order to make an app like Uber, or a similar taxi booking app, it is important to understand the major components and technology stack of the whole system. Any taxi service relies on the development of two distinct apps with unlike functionality that are interconnected with the help of an admin panel. An offshore software development company like MLSDev could be a highly cost-efficient option for help with an Uber-like project. Our team has grand expertise in creating on-demand economy services and complex app development. Any taxi booking app development, in the majority of cases, involves building an app like Uber, doesn’t it? Especially with regard to using their business processes and strategy as a basis.

Advanced Features For Rider’s App

Development of two native applications for Android and iOS will cost nearly twice as much as if you’d go with an app for one of them. Splitting of Fare isn’t a must-have feature but it can add to the appeal of a taxi booking app. This feature allows co-passengers/friends travelling together to split the total ride fare among machine learning and ai themselves. Our mobile app developers have experience building 300+ custom web and mobile apps. After booking the ride, the Uber app gives the user an estimated cost of the ride. The estimated fare can be paid through the flexible payment methods integrated within the app, i.e., cashless or payment upon ride completion.

how to develop an app like uber

Riders can track the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival in real time on the app’s map. Thus, you must use push notifications in your software to help drivers and passengers maintain communication without even using the app continuously. You can reduce your engineering efforts by using BaaS or Backend as a Service to develop effective options for push notifications. Several people also have a question about How long it takes to build an app like Uber for iOS and Android.

How to Create an App like Uber The Ultimate Guide

Undoubtedly, Uber has achieved immense success by offering customers a cost-effective and efficient means of transportation. To avoid any human errors, apps like Uber implement payment through cards and wallets. There are specific requirements that the company needs to fulfill while accepting card/wallet payment.

The Development Process

Develop an admin panel to manage and monitor the entire platform, including user accounts, driver registrations, payments, and reported issues. Implement analytics and reporting tools to gain insights into user behavior, driver performance, and overall system efficiency. Develop a system to manage driver availability and display nearby drivers to users. Implement a matching algorithm that considers factors like proximity, rating, and driver preferences to assign the most suitable driver for the ride request. Integrate GPS technology to determine the user’s current location and provide accurate real-time positioning. Incorporate maps and route optimization to display nearby drivers, track the vehicle’s progress, and suggest the best routes.

Step 4: Marketing and user acquisition

Since you’re not going to be involved in the development itself, you could focus on sales and marketing in the upcoming weeks. You don’t want to develop an app that will fail to compete with other apps and will inevitably make your business a flop. Creating an app like Uber and saving money by choosing a vendor from a favorable outsourcing region is possible. If you decide to work with a company from Europe (like Addevice), you will have to pay $40/hour on average, thus reducing the price of app development to $100,000-$150,000. We talk about how to make an app like Uber not from theoretical knowledge but our own experience.

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