How to Continuously Detect Vulnerable Jenkins Plugins to Avoid a Software Supply Chain Attack

If Enable Parallel Mode is selected, and the Jenkins Build Job is not parametrized with the efJobStepId parameter, the procedure fails. To get more details about this behavior and why it was done in this way, refer to Known issues. If Enable Parallel Mode is selected and the Jenkins Build Job is not parametrized with the efJobStepId parameter, the procedure fails. If the build was aborted or fails, this procedure sets the jobStep outcome property as ‘error’. Retrieves list of artifacts that only were archived during Jenkins build. That is, this procedure does not return an artifact if it was built, but not archived.

  • The agent can be a remote machine, virtual machine, or container.
  • Influence when to use atomic operation to prevent data corruption or inconsistent reads from the target filesystem object.
  • Therefore, the trust factor is very important when selecting a plug-in, and you need to be careful to reduce the potential attack surface.
  • For example, if you want to integrate Jira, you need to find the dedicated Jenkins plugin available for that.
  • The Metrics Jenkins plugin exhibits the same API of Metrics as all the other Jenkins plugins.
  • A pipeline is, in fact, a collection of plugins that are used to make pipelines for continuous integration.

Although the plugin hasn’t been updated in a few years, it is still a very handy tool to have in your toolbox. New maintainers are being requested for this plugin as well. Utilizing the search box, you can search for your desired plugin that you wish to install. Installing plugins is a fairly simple task that involves navigating through a few menus and clicking a couple of buttons.

Folders Plugin

The tags are in CloudBees CD/RO if they do not already exist. The name of the configuration that contains the information required to connect to Jenkins. Collects reporting data from Jenkins and sends it to CloudBees CD/RO reporting server.

Jenkins plugins

Creating a Jenkins server for each team would be extremely cost-inefficient and would create silos between teams. SonarQube plugin enables easy integration of SonarQube with Jenkins. SonarQube is the open-source tool for Continuous Inspection of code quality. So, the SonarQube plugin helps DevOps teams to identify bugs, vulnerabilities, and duplication and ensure code quality before building code automatically with Jenkins. In addition, the integration enables you to analyze the code when you run a job that contains SonarQube execution within it. It also generates an analysis of that code in the SonarQube Server.

Top 10 Jenkins Plugins and Their Features

In the first case, you must download the latest Jenkins version and, in the second instance, change the plugin proxy source. 1) The Jenkins version is outdated, and the particular plugin cannot be used. 2) The plugin cannot be installed due to network or wall problems. By default, Jenkins comes with a finite number of features. From a security standpoint, the plugin utilizes the “Jenkins credentials plugin”. Therefore, the credential types secret text, secret file and certificates are not supported.

Jenkins plugins

The ‘View Job Filters plugin’ is a smart handy way to create different views for your Jenkins jobs. You will find all of these filtering options and many others in the ‘View Job Filters plugin’, which definitely makes your life easier. As your number of jobs grows, you might notice how difficult it is to manage all your jobs with the same productivity you had when everything just started. Even a few dozen Jenkins jobs on one page start to become overcrowded. Fortunately, there are a number of plugins that are designed specifically to solve this issue.

Performance Publisher

The ‘Simple Theme plugin’ will become your friend in this case. This plugin allows adding a custom CSS to your Jenkins server. By having this ability in place, you can find a couple of custom Jenkins themes as well as implement your own . The easiest way to download Jenkins is to download the WAR file. You can drop the downloaded Jenkins WAR file into your favorite JEE container (Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish etc.) or you can start the WAR file directly with java -jar jenkins.war.

It also automatically sends development and build-related data from Jenkins to Jira. The Jira plugin enables you to get better visibility into the development pipeline. The Kubernetes plugin also terminates the Kubernetes Pods automatically once you finish the build. With this plugin, you can automatically scale the running process of Jenkins agents in the Kubernetes environment.

Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins Pipeline is an incredibly useful addition that came to life with the Jenkins 2.0 release. It allows you to script your build pipeline consisting of one or more build jobs into a single workflow. It makes the visualization of the pipeline much easier, the monitoring of which parts have been run and which jobs are still in the queue a non-issue. Running a build on the same machine Jenkins is on can be problematic. Usually, Jenkins has many builds that run or can run at the same time. This impacts the machine’s performance—it’s hard to manage and could potentially shut down the machine if an error occurred.

In order to configure the Jira plugin, one must add Jira sites in Jenkins, then the plugin will automatically hyperlink all the corresponding issue names to Jira. The “Git” plugin allows jobs to connect to remote repositories and run git operations against them. what is jenkins It is very important for you to know how much storage you have left in your Jenkins instance. This plugin shows you how much disk space is being used by your projects. With this free plugin, you can run performance reports for your favorite test suites.

Top 25 Jenkins plugins for 2021

A popular vendor of Magento-Wordpress plug-ins/integrations with over 200,000 downloads, has been hacked. In this blog, we are going to walk through what Jenkins plugins are, how they are used, and why it’s critical to detect vulnerable Jenkins plugins. We will also elaborate on what a good solution to this problem looks like to help protect your organization from this emerging risk. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention our own Octopus Deploy plugin, which connects Octopus to your Jenkins pipeline.

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