Costa Rica Wedding Customs

Costa Rica wedding traditions are unique and colorful. Not like the typical American wedding, they are usually Christian in nature. Additionally it is common to currently have music and dancing at the reception.

One of the most popular Costa Rican wedding practices is a money show up. The groom and bride exchange thirteen coins, symbolizing Jesus Christ, the apostles, and the groom’s like for the bride. This ritual is said to bring all the best for the marriage.

Some other popular Costa Rican wedding traditions is a pre-wedding serenade. Prior to actual service, the groom’s friends play a musical serenade to pleasant the bride. During this period, the marriage couple displays various decorations to symbolize the relationship.

At the reception, guests dress in attractive clothing and ornamental apparel. They usually wear attractive clothes and pin money on their garments to give the bride and groom a gift. In addition , the ceremony commonly includes excessive traditional music.

Typically, the bride and groom are dressed in white or black. Their particular face is definitely covered with a veil. An average wedding meals is called a “Casado, inch which means why do people online date “food of the committed. ” It is a meal consisting girls of costa rica of rice, plantains, salad, stewed meat, and wine refreshments.

Customarily, Costa Rican weddings are held during the night time. This is because the Costa Ricans like to get together and consume, and they are professional revelers. Many Costa Rican weddings are big celebrations.

Guests attend the Puerto Rican wedding ceremony wearing fun attire and colorful make-up. The marriage ceremony typically endures three several hours.

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