What Is a White Label Product, and How Does It Work?

Plus, invest in creating a website and marketing strategy to attract more people to your offerings. Kendo is a white label manufacturer that provides products to Rihanna’s Fenty beauty as well as Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, and Lip Lab. White labelling involves buying an unbranded offering from a manufacturer https://xcritical.com/ who often sells the same offering to other resellers as well. The company has signed a deal with Kendo holdings that that manufactures cosmetics as white-label products for the brand. The same manufacturer produces makeup for other companies like Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Lip Lab, Bite Beauty, etc.

Our strategist will put together research on the prospect and their top two or three competitors, then have a preliminary conversation with the prospect about their goals and objectives and how we can help them. Wonnda is the operating system for the next generation of consumer brands. Our software enables brands to source, launch and scale their product lines. On Wonnda, brands find over 1.000+ product ideas and collaborate with Europe’s best manufacturers to realize their consumer products.

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In addition, white-label products can be more expensive than comparable branded products, because the marketer has to pay for the cost of rebranding the product. Private label products are similar to white-label products in that they are produced by one company and then rebranded by another company. Private label products may also be more expensive than white label products, because the company that produces them may charge a premium for producing smaller quantities of a product. Costco, the famous warehouse operator in the U.S., is another example of a big retailer who keeps innovating and experimenting with branding strategy with its Kirkland brand of white label products. Now, it doesn’t mean that you can see all Kirkland products on Costcos shelves.

What is a White Label Product

Before we meet with the prospect, we will provide you with a proposal template and contract templates to close the deal. We also provide support with your next meetings to help you close the deal. Once they sign off on the contract to move forward, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish to be. Our goal is to lift our partners to fulfill more of the CEO role while we take care of the day-to-day management of clients.

Academic Research for White Label Product

White label providers typically take good care of their reputation. For this reason, they put a premium on the quality of their solutions. Big companies can dominate the market by acquiring smaller brands to ultimately destroy forex white label solutions healthy competition and hinder new players from entering the market. Just like with any other business model, there are vices and virtues. Find a supplier—decide if you will dropship, print on demand, or buy inventory.

  • Frequently, people believe that all they have to do is find a good product and then create a website around it.
  • Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.
  • Stores can boost revenue selling white label products at a discount relative to national brands.
  • If starting a new ecommerce store in the home decor niche sounds like an exciting idea to you, then you should definitely think about doing it with white-labeled products.

ProfitWell Metricscan provide all of your subscription reporting in one place with absolutely accurate, real-time subscription reporting analytics. Get a high-level view or dig deeper to see trends from new customers, existing customers, upgrades, downgrades, and churn. Whether you’re using this software to make sales, or resell to your clients, you can use this software as you please. End users can easily recognize your brand as they are presented with the colors, logo, and identifying markings. Also, since you’re attaching your own brand to a quality product, it increases trust and awareness.


One of these considerations centers around sourcing products, including who will supply your products and how you want them, as well as how they will be sold. White label products are ready-made by third-party manufacturers, which you can brand and sell yourself. White labeling is often used interchangeably with private labeling, but there are subtle differences between the two strategies.

What is a White Label Product

Often, banks partner with white-label service providers who do the field-job of collecting the information of the leads before the credit card goes into processing. Businesses usually choose this model when they desire to focus just on the manufacturing and production, and not on how the product is marketed, promoted, or sold in the market. Fishing equipment and accessories are other good choices for those looking to promote a white-label product.

Shipping Labels 101: How to Make a Shipping Label and More

But this is likely to be far lower than what it would cost to set up your brand. It’s known as white label or “white labeling” because the company buys the product “off-the-shelf” and then labels it. White labeling usually applies to physical goods but can also mean reselling someone else’s services. Customizable solutions for your SaaS tech stack can lower costs, save time, and create that branded look your business needs to stand out.

As part of our blog post, we’ll share a number of proven examples of how other marketers have created effective websites using white label products. An advantage that white labeling offers to ecommerce brands is that they don’t have to go through the entire process of creating a product by themselves. Ensure you work with vetted gold suppliers because they have passed the onsite check. It’s definitely the most popular among ecom brand owners that sell private label products. Both private and white labeling gives retailers control over their marketing strategy.

Sell a white label product today

Once you’ve agreed to the terms with your provider and paid the license fees, you can adjust the platform with your own design, and colors to match your brand. Adding your own logo is crucial, but other things, like changing the font and its size, will also help embed your organization’s brand onto the product. The suppliers you will find will be ranked according to a variety of factors, including customer service, pricing, product selection, quality, and more.

What About Labels and Branding on the Product?

They have various companies that already provide those products and are willing to put them in Great Value packaging instead of their own on Walmart’s behalf. Using very similar packaging among brands is called copycatting, which can be illegal in some cases. Private label brands must differentiate themselves sufficiently so as not to mislead consumers. When it comes to creating a successful white label product, there is no one universal formula that you can follow.

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