Python Introduction to Web development using Flask

Flask is a small and lightweight Python web framework that provides useful tools and features that make creating web applications in Python easier. It gives developers flexibility and is a more accessible framework for new developers since you can build a web application quickly using only a single Python file. Flask is also extensible and doesn’t force a particular directory structure or require complicated boilerplate code before getting started. With instruction from online Flask courses, you can build intuitive websites for yourself or pursue a career in web development.

Is Python Flask easy to learn?

Flask is a micro web framework that is written in Python. Flask is very easy to learn, and also its implementation is straightforward. In just a few lines of code, you can get started with this. Flask is used in top tech companies also like: Netflix, Reddit, Mozilla, and so on.

Flask’s lack of standard boilerplate via a commandline interface for setting up your project structure is a double edged sword. When you get started with Flask you will have to figure out how to scale the files and modules for the code in your application. The following open source projects range from simple to complex and can give you ideas about how to working on your codebase. The “Hello, World!” code for Flask is just seven lines of code but learning how to build full-featured web applications with any framework takes a lot of work. These resources listed below are the best up-to-date tutorials and references for getting started.


Python 2.6 or higher is required for the installation of the Flask. You can start by import Flask from the flask package on any python IDE. For installation on any environment, you can click on the installation link given below. Previously, Aakash has worked as a software engineer (APIs & Data Platforms) at Twitter in Ireland & San Francisco and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He’s also an avid blogger, open-source contributor, and online educator.

  • And, if you add a huge number of extensions, it may start to slow down the app itself due to a multitude of requests.
  • If you are using Git, it is a good idea to ignore the newly created env directory in your .gitignore file to avoid tracking files not related to the project.
  • On top of that it’s very explicit, which increases readability.
  • Flask skills are transferable to a number of web developer and computer science roles, including Flask developer, Python developer, and data scientist.
  • Individualized mentorship Nurture your inner tech pro with personalized guidance from not one, but two industry experts.

How I Structure My Flask Applicationwalks through how this developer organizes the components and architecture for his Flask applications. Build a Video Chat Application with Python, JavaScript and Twilio Programmable Videoshows how to use TwilioProgrammable Video to build cross-platform video into Flask applications. The blog post series “Things Flask Framework for Python Developers Lessons which aren’t magic” covers how Flask’s ubiquitous @app.route decorator works under the covers. Flask’s success created a lot of additional work in issue tickets and pull requests. Armin eventually createdThe Pallets Projects collection of open source code libraries after he had been managing Flask under his own GitHub account for several years.

Now, navigate to the /create route using your web browser:

Flask is a Python module that lets you develop web applications more easily than developing from scratch. It draws from Werkzeug, a Web Server Gateway Interface toolkit, and Jinja2, an HTML template engine. As a micro-framework, Flask keeps its fundamental application simple and offers a range of extensions with additional capabilities.

How many days it will take to learn Flask Python?

Learning Flask will take 1 – 1.5 weeks.

To test that if the installation is working, check out this code given below. Learn to create games in Unity – one of the most popular 2D and 3D game creation engines. We’re partnering with Neapolis University Paphos to launch our new bachelor’s program in computer science and AI.

Codecademy from Skillsoft

I love how Codecademy uses learning by practice and gives great challenges to help the learner to understand a new concept and subject. The progress I have made since starting to use codecademy is immense! I can study for short periods or long periods at my own convenience – mostly late in the evenings. Project Adopt a Pet Use Python’s Flask framework to create a pet adoption website. Start learning immediately instead of fiddling with SDKs and IDEs. If you like these Flask tutorials and courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues.

The Pallets Project now serves as the community-driven organization that handles Flask and other related Python libraries such as Lektor, Jinja and several others. Learn how these parts fit together in the web development chapter or view all topics. CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech.

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