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The ideal candidate is self-directed, a fast learner capable of managing a varied workload from multiple inputs, and can prioritize the day-to-day against the bigger picture. There’s a common set of criteria that companies often look for when reviewing resumes and selecting candidates to interview. These include things such as past years of experience in an administrative assistant role, how long they were at their past job, or whether they attended a top university. When we looked at the virtual assistant job description templates being offered online, we noticed that they consisted mostly of generic administrative tasks.

We see a profound opportunity for data to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of operations, and hope you consider joining us on this exciting journey. 2023 is the perfect climate remote executive jobs to streamline your work, get more efficient, and increase your productivity for every business. Next, while you can part ways with them when you need to, they can do the same to you.

How much does a virtual assistant charge per hour?

We value in-person collaboration and know a change of scenery and quiet space to work is welcomed from time to time, but also appreciate that the world of work has changed. Our offices remain open for those who prefer to collaborate or work in-office, but we also encourage fully remote applicants. Today, the case for a remote executive assistant is simple to make. Most of remote jobs are only available from a list of specific countries, please add the country you live in to suggest relevant offers. This position is responsible for coordinating board and leadership schedules, meetings, and priorities.

Can you be a virtual executive assistant?

As a virtual executive assistant, you have many of the same responsibilities as a traditional executive assistant, but you do not work in an office setting. Virtual executive assistant jobs are common at small companies or startups that cannot employ full-time employees or have no centralized office.

Responsibilities include scheduling, correspondence/communications, travel planning, tracking expenses, liaising with vendors and third parties, research, and additional tasks as needed. Previous exposure to C-level executives in some capacity. But in our experience, these assumptions aren’t reliable for predicting on-the-job performance and success in the executive assistant role. In fact, focusing on these can often rule out the best candidates. Even if you want an assistant for very basic administrative tasks, such as spreadsheet data entry, it’s often challenging to find one who’s reliable. It’s not uncommon to waste time trying to interview or meet with them and then get ghosted or flaked on.


Very supportive, helpful and gave great advice on my resume and interviews. Working with C-Suite Assistants has been phenomenal. Gerry made certain that my time was never wasted. C-Suite Assistants made my look for my right hand person as easy and rewarding as possible and I can recommend them for anyone else looking to increase their productivity with an EA/PA. Gerry was phenomenal in quickly assessing the right profile to compliment our executive.

  • Maintain the calendar for the CPO, being attentive to priorities and optimal use of the executive’s time.
  • Assist the SVP of Engineering on meeting coordination with cross-functional groups and internal executives.
  • The best high-level EAs will immediately provide value to your bottom line.
  • We are seeking an Executive Assistant to support our Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer.

On this page you will find remote jobs, full time or part time, freelance or as an employee. The executive assistant occupies a central position within the company. He or she coordinates meetings, plans travel, and helps manage day-to-day expenses. In short, he/she provides first-rate administrative support to the organization’s leaders. Many remote job offers of executive assistant are available on Jobgether.

Real Estate Office Manager

Then, before we wrap up, we’ll share the hiring methodology we’ve developed to more rigorously vet assistants and find top talent for clients of our virtual executive assistant service. In this article, we share a template for creating a virtual executive assistant job description . Virtual assistants charge anywhere ranging from $10 to $100 per hour. The common average is generally between $15 and $30 per hour for executive assistant services and $40-$75 per hour for higher-level marketing or financial virtual assistant tasks. A virtual assistant is a person who provides expert help and services to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals online. It is not someone who can do your work for you, but rather someone who does the tasks you don’t have time or knowledge to do yourself.

how to find remote executive assitant jobs

We foster a culture that thrives on diverse perspectives and contributions to ignite the creativity and innovation to fuel our business and enhance the employee and customer experience. Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines. Project management skills and the demonstrated ability to meet project deadlines. Excellent calendar management skills and demonstrated history of complex scheduling with consistent follow-through.

Remote Administrative Support Executive Assistant – Multiple Locations

And if you’re caught in an audit doing so, even accidentally, the financial repercussions are serious. Meaning you have the flexibility to contract or expand depending on cash flow. Listen for answers aligned with assistant tasks and shared achievements. The best high-level EAs will immediately provide value to your bottom line.

  • But, Gerry Sheridan was an amazing recruiter and ally who helped me throughout the entire process.
  • No matter where you’re contacting us from, our staffing agency can help you find the perfect executive assistant.
  • When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection.
  • You can find freelance opportunities with legit companies here on PowerToFly.
  • Which companies hire executive assistant workers remotely?

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