Stop The Clocks because of the Lonleylovegoods – Angsty lesbian multichapter that have smut

Stop The Clocks because of the Lonleylovegoods – Angsty lesbian multichapter that have smut

Eliminate good Liar from the Samrull – Some angsty and often lewd cannon compliant oneshots. Lay immediately after Seasons 7 broadcast. ????

Kitty Kat by Squeakyshroom – Smutty Lesbian kink multichapter which have numerous pairings. Comes to kitten gamble, Bdsm, and you may polyamory, among other things. ??

Nothing Light because of the Elissa – Lesbian multichapter having smut. “It is in accordance with the requests Katya because Trixie’s brother’s pal just who slaps their particular ass within bowling alley.” ??

Center of Winter months With so Far to put into practice Honeyno – Smutty male shape skater Au. “…where skating away from your thinking try means easier than discussing them.”

My Waterloo from the Skip Bianca – Fluffy cannon agreeable oneshot. “Trixya centered on ABBA? Sign myself right up. Miss Bianca is an extraordinary blogger and we also were blessed whenever they authored which fic.” ??

Olympic Silver, Little one by S.O.S – Smutty lesbian multichapter. “Katya was an excellent Russian profile skater and Trixie was an american sporting events blogger you never know nothing regarding the recreations. Neither ones talk an identical language perfectly.” ??

Region 2 by the Lucy – Lewd cannon certified oneshot. “Trixie and you may Katya bring within their urges toward nights the fresh new York 12 months Eight top-quality.” ??

Possibly, Possibly from the Pichitinha – Lesbian oneshot – coffeshop au. “Centered on ‘provide myself a separate phony term any time you already been into starbucks and i just want to see the real name bc ur cute but here I’m scrawling “batman” on your dumb cappuccino.’” ??

Reminiscences because of the Scoobert – Senior high school Au, angsty multichapter, driven from the a track in the not permitting an excellent classmate who may have are bullied. ??

Appearing, Waiting, Looking by Pichitinha – Fluffy lesbian multichapter close funny. “Definitely Trixie is the decorator to help you Shea’s relationships – with years of knowledge of their unique bag there is no method she’ll get off their closest friend dangling. Yes, she never ever intended for you to being virtually a complete-date job as relationships coordinator next to Sasha’s crazy companion Katya, however, hi, everything for the household members, proper?” ??

Sing Me personally A tune and you may Screw Me personally More or less because of the Luci – Brief raunchy lesbian oneshot. “Aspiring path artist Trixie Mattel matches local lesbian Katya, who has struggling to find to repay Trixie to possess her vocal.” ??

Sk8er Girl by Squeaky Pink – Lesbian Twelfth grade bien au, multichapter. “Trixie are a nerdy, girly girl which have bows and you will frills. Katya are a great skater chick having scuffed hips and you can a great flazeda thoughts. When they’re assigned because the laboratory people, can they see biochemistry together?” ??

Trixie’s Basic Christmas because of the Highonbrunost – Lesbian Au, bogus relationships

Sun In the a blank Space from the Challenge – Fluffy canon agreeable oneshot. “Sheer unpleasant nonsense place during the Trixie and you may Ktya’s (speculative) pre-all stars romp across Los angeles.” “Juicy summer nonsense.” ??

One thing are not primary but these are generally extremely crazy, so when Trixie event any sort of accident that renders their eradicate good large amount away from their particular thoughts, she’s got understand to-fall crazy about Katya most of the once more

Swingers from the Squeaky Stella (Shalaska x Trixya) – Lewd oneshot about an excellent foursome that have Lesbian Trixya, trans girl Alaska, cismale Sharon. Sado maso. “Trixie and you can Katya was in fact hitched for just significantly less than per year when they intend to struck up a Swingers bar. It get more than it bargained to possess.” ??

Tequila Ink because of the Marlene – Lesbian oneshot. “Trixie have an untamed date night and you may gets up to good hang-over and you may a tat serious about their particular girlfriend, that is might be most afraid of commitment as well as the concept away from issues that past.” ??

“Katya try a fear driven, Xmas enjoying and moms and dad unsatisfactory lesbian innocently waiting for their particular journey within JFK, in which she only happens to meet the weirdo out-of a lifetime with a position no body saw upcoming Saudiarabisk kvinder til Г¦gteskab and you may a habit off lying compulsively, Trixie Mattel. Trixie convinces their particular one delivering their particular household due to the fact a great girlfriend was wise. Katya doesn’t have anything to get rid of.” ??

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