Some of those expose was-Sir Eaton Travers, the new Revs

Some of those expose was-Sir Eaton Travers, the new Revs

Sept. 23rd.-This new Mayor had convened an event for the intended purpose of elevating a funds towards relief of the subjects because of the Indian Mutiny. G. Hills, J. S. Russell, J. B. Brampton, B. Vaux and you can D. Oliver, Dr. Dunne, and you may p. 216 Messrs. J. W. Shelly, S. Tolver, P. Pullyn, J. Grams. Fisher, Roentgen. Ferrier, sen., S. Dowson, A great. Roentgen. Palmer, G. Blake, E. P. Youell, C. Preston, Elizabeth. R. Aldred, W. Davie, &c.; the sum of ?233 17s. are authorized from the space.

Sept. 30th.-Next shareholders had attended the normal standard fulfilling of your Yarmouth and Haddiscoe Railway Team:-Sir Age. Lacon (Chairman), Sir Meters. Peto, R. Hammond, J. Clowes, B. Fenn, C. Age. Bartram, and you will W. H. Palmer, Esqs., &c., and you will electricity obtained into Administrators to improve ?25 000 compliment of home loan.

H. K

Mr. Harrison (brand new Ballast lessee) had titled a conference out of 120 gurus of boats within St. George’s Hallway, with regards to receiving a statement out of one to gentleman, where the guy said that he proposed supply a donation of ?8 to the Fishermen’s Hospital, which share he’d received out of a dispute (and then he did not concur) to your Enterprise. Mr. Harrison is actually loudly cheered by fulfilling, that he regaled which have alternatives wines and you will comfort.

The new Rev. J. S. Russell had preached his farewell sermon during the King Path Church, in which he had laboured for the past fourteen ages.

J. H

October. You will find a massive attendance; the minister of parish (the brand new Rev. Grams. Hills, B. D.), definitely presided. Peter’s Church, while the Churchwardens had been told that you to definitely edifice is actually chargeable abreast of the speed in the same manner the Parish Chapel is. Regarding the fresh church from St. John’s, a financing was increased that would feel spent having remaining it for the repair, therefore it you are going to never ever end up being rechargeable for the parishioners. The Churchwardens, in order to uphold normally balance that you can, do only ask for a speeds on the fix of the fabrics, and also for the percentage of such courtroom fees while they was obligated to include in the speed; the fresh new p. C. S. D. Steward and you can Age.

Roentgen. Aldred, the Churchwardens, gone and you will seconded you to a performance of just one?d. George’s Chapel, ?32 6s. Peter’s hot Cadiz girl Chapel ?32; as well as for standard intentions ?thirty-five. W. T. Fisher gone, and Mr. J. Turf seconded, “One to immediately in case it is questioned that the Bodies have a tendency to solution a bill towards abolition off Chapel costs, it looks to that particular vestry it is inexpedient to increase the brand new pricing because of the along with St. Peter’s Church, as it can at some point increase enhanced income tax. Fisher including gone, and you can Mr. Joseph Neave seconded, “That point get towards ratepayers to look at the quotes, and that the fresh fulfilling do therefore adjourn for three weeks to have you to definitely mission. Fisher wouldn’t transform they of the leaving out the language “By the plus St.

Peter’s Church,” and 2nd since he didn’t consider this to get a genuine objection. Fisher registered created protests, signed on his own, up against the decision of one’s chairman, hence protests he expected would be entered about Vestry Clerk’s times of your meeting. Harrison gone, “You to definitely until adopting the committee, that has been appointed when you look at the April last to help you consult with new Churchwardens prior to the house belonging to the Parish Church, got made the are accountable to a deeper vestry, it is inexpedient to make a performance. F. Starling seconded the fresh modification. Harrison to withdraw his amendment, reported that during the March second, possessions and this today let during the away from ?31 so you’re able to ?30 a year, hence in Sep, 1859, possessions and this today realized ?fifty yearly, would fall in; he decided with them the ideal proper care ought to be taken in properly administering this possessions, and you will told you he thought their value might be enhanced threefold.

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